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Facial Steaming Benefits

You guys, I had a totally different New Year's post scheduled to come out today and was saving this one on facial steaming benefits for next week but I couldn't do that to you. Almost everyone I know is barely surviving an Arctic freeze at the moment, suffering from skin drier than the Sahara Desert (mini tip--start dry brushing pronto! The benefits of dry brushing are endless). Even my friends in Miami are freezing (hey, it's all relative!) So what kind of friend would I be if I held onto this secret any longer? If you've been following me for a bit you know I have dry skin, which has gotten so much better! It's nothing like it used to be and honestly I owe much of that to the benefits of facial steaming. So let's quickly get into the good stuff. What are you benefits of facial steaming? Oh, honey this is good. Facial steaming is so good I want to marry it.

What are the benefits of facial steaming?

  • It cleanses your pores. One of the biggest contributors to acne is clogged pores. It opens the pores, helping to remove bacteria and draw out buildup. (Think blackheads, too--I saw a nearly immediate difference)

  • Once your pores have opened and all the dirt and debris is eliminated they can better absorb your other more concentrated products like serums and masks. (Dry winter skin? My moisturizer loved me!) Once you've removed all that gunk your products for advanced treatments can penetrate the skin better, making them more effective.

  • Promotes healthy circulation which is key for a glowing, dewy complexion.

  • Helps eliminate toxins in the skin which can contribute to other skin problems.

  • Helps prevent acne - remember, a large part of what causes acne is what's trapped underneath the surface of the skin. Opening the pores, followed by properly cleaning and closing them can aid in managing some of that buildup.

  • It's something for YOU! Enjoy a little 'me time.' The therapeutic benefits of self-care are endless.

We all know by now I'm a beauty junky. I remember years ago my college roommate/bff was visiting me in LA. We went out for the night, had far too many drinks (shocking), and when we got home and she stumbled into my bed I proceeded to still do a complete ten-step skincare routine before catching some zzz's. She was in awe, and in hindsight so am I. Those are always the nights that test my commitment to my skin. I get asked by people all the time what my 'must have' beauty products are. Back in the day I probably would have said mascara or concealer...and listen, I'm still not trying to be without them, but honest to's skincare. There is absolutely no beauty product that can make up for ignoring your skin.

You know that expression "Do something your future self will thank you for."? I like to think that person was specifically referring to taking care of your skin. And sure, we all can do the little things at home...but not many of us have the time or money to commit to monthly facials. Ohmigosh, *sigh* facials. You know that moment you're laying in the spa room, all toasty warm and cozy under the blankets? You've been having your face gently massaged and here it comes--the best part--the facial steam. It just feels like everything gross is leaving your skin. I know, it's a super distant memory for me too because who actually has the time for that?! Even when I have the time it's never planned so I never get to enjoy the luxury. That is until I got my own facial steamer.

This is the best facial steamer I have found and it's super affordable. It's even better than the one I use!

Now I like to consider myself a resourceful kinda gal, so I'm not ashamed to admit that I've used a clothes steamer on my face a time or two...or ten. I don't even own an iron but I love to steam. I blame all my years in's just so therapeutic. So there I'd be, steaming away whatever outfit when I'd take the steamer to my face for a few moments. Now here's the weird part. Steam is steam, right? Like all water boils at one temperature. But for some reason I used to burn the hell out of myself using the clothes steamer on my face. Possibly because that's not what it was meant for? You don't think that stopped me though, do you? Nope...I'd just hold it further away from my face, scream, a burst of boiling water would pop out at me...rinse, repeat (literally rinse, repeat). You'd think I'd learn but I never did. In fact, if I'm being completely honest the only reason I ever got this facial steamer is because the trusty ol' scalder is in storage.


Steps to take before/after you steam:

  1. Wash your face first...your pores are going to open and you don't want to further spread bacteria.

  2. Steam away! I got for like 8ish minutes.

  3. If you're going to extract any black heads, this is now the time to do it. Be careful and don't be forceful. Your pores are open so if it's not easily happening it's best to leave that to a professional. You don't want to do more damage to your skin.

  4. Some people like to throw on a clay mask at this point. A clay mask is great for deep cleaning your skin as well as closing up your pores.

  5. Wash your face again with something've been sweating so you don't want to just leave your skin as is.

  6. Use an astringent/toner...this is important to remove any dead skin cells and to prevent any dirt and debris from going back into your pores.

  7. Follow with your serums and moisturizers. You will be glowing!


How to use a facial steamer:

Most facial steamers are pretty simple. You fill up the part of the steamer which holds the water (I like to use distilled water and if I'm feeling extra fancy a drop or two of essential oils), wait a few minutes for it to start producing steam, hold it a few inches in front of your face, and steam away! Don't have a facial steamer? No problem! Boil a pot of water and once it's ready drape a towel over your head to trap in the steam while you let it do its thing. Just be careful to not burn yourself on the pot! You can even add an herbal tea bag for an extra luxurious experience.

So go reap the benefits of facial steaming! I have updated my Amazon shop which includes all my favorite products in case you're looking for serums or masks to use after you steam your face.


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