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Welcome to Champagne has Bubbles...and other isms to guide you through life, style, and travel.


Think of us as your chic but relatable best friend. You know, the one who always keep you on top of what’s happening in the world of style & fashion, beauty, travel, and food (of course food), all with humorous, honest, and authentic moments sprinkled on top. While many bloggers show the dream, we show the dream but never overlook the reality behind [perhaps tripping through Bryant Park during New York Fashion Week] getting there. What else are friends for? Life lives in the important lessons we've learned along the way which have become our guiding philosophies. You have a million resources for the dream world, we help guide you through the real world. 

Many years ago Jess ordered a glass of champagne, per ushe, and upon its arrival saw it was flat AF. She asked what it was and was told, "champagne!" to which her and a friend teased, "champagne has bubbles, honey." It stuck. Nothing seems like a better ism for life than not settling for anything, especially flat champagne--tip number one!

Growing up bicoastal, there was no choice but for Jess to be comfortable with a life of travel. She began splitting her time between the two coasts at 4 years old and that's still true three decades later. Always on the move, Jess immediately immerses herself in a new place and invariably finds the best spots to go, no matter how brief her time there may be. 


She began her fashion career with Gucci before working her way through the ranks at Bloomingdale's and Neiman Marcus. The roster of celebrities she has dressed is pretty killer, making her the Go-to Girl for style advice amongst all her friends.

After years of advising friends on 'where to go and what to wear' a dear friend encouraged her to start documenting her tips, tricks, and adventures. No longer wanting to be bound by walls or brands Champagne has Bubbles was born. We talk real life, travel, fashion, and beauty, which undoubtedly includes bumps and bruises along the way...but never without lots of humorous moments to get you through it all.


Oh, you'll also see lots of Mojito, the Yorkie, cuz, duh. 

Interested in working together? Email me.


ps- not even kidding about that whole 'digital best friend' need of suggestions, styling tips, advice? We're all about it and love to connect!

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