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philosophies to guide you through life

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

At the very least, I have a saying for everything. At most, I have an entire guiding philosophy on the topic, affectionately referred to as Jess-isms by my nearest and dearest.


I think it comes from my Gma, aka Lala, who I undoubtedly inherited my gift of gab from as well as my love of a 4 o'clock cocktail hour. Lala had a Tanqueray Gibson on the Rocks loaded with ice and a swizzle stick everyday at 4. She would sit in her chair, holding her same rocks glass in her same leather bound glass holder, stirring and stirring, while she spewed out some of the funniest stories, craziest expressions, and greatest advice--only eat your own mother's meatloaf, never turn down a mint, make sure to turn the page every few minutes if you're going to pretend you're reading a book while you check out the boys on the beach (her own advice to herself when I caught her...Lala is boy crazy!). She has pretty advanced Alzheimers now, so the daily cocktails have come to an end, but every once in a while I'll get her started and she lights up like a Christmas tree and just rocks it with the greatest gems on life.

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