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10 Amazing Benefits of Mint (Mint Tea)

Fresh grown Mint (with Rosemary and Basil)

Are we sick of hearing about the Royal Wedding just yet? If so, here's something that's not about that even though, just off the top of my head, the Brit's are doing two things right that we're absolutely getting wrong...fascinators and tea.

Mint tea is one of my simplest indulgences in life. And mint just so happens to have some amazing health benefits.

I'm into the whole process of it. So many things in life are tasks we want to rush through so we can get the final result. Even coffee is that way...just eagerly waiting for it to brew so you can get your caffeine fix. Tea time is nothing like's a ritual and I just love a good ritual. Sure, I could throw the kettle on and plop a tea bag in a mug but I find pleasure in going out to the garden to pick the leaves, putting the tea kettle on the stove, using my grandmother's tea pot with the cup and saucer, waiting for it to steep...then, the best part, sipping it in the garden. Don't have a garden? Mint grows great indoors and find your favorite quiet corner for a moment of serenity.

Health benefits of mint tea

Tea demands that we slow down.


And couldn't we all, even if for just 15 minutes, afford to slow down?

If you let it, the whole 'pour, sip, breath, repeat' can be incredibly meditative. I highly encourage you try it! it's so much better than throwing a team bag in a mug, plus it tastes way better. It's so fresh and delicious that you'll never be able to go back to mint tea from a bag again!

Benefits of Mint Tea

  • Stress Relief: The menthol in the mint herb has antispasmodic properties that are known to relax and relieve stress. It's a great way to wind down in the evenings.

  • Breath: It's no coincidence that most toothpaste and gum consist of minty flavors!

  • Insomnia: It's naturally caffeine free and muscle relaxing. Begin your evening slow down routine with a warm cup of peppermint tea.

  • Internal benefits: Peppermint has high antioxidant and imunity boosting properties. Its adaptogenic properties make it good for balancing the body and promote healthy blood flow, balanced pH, and is a great aid in reducing inflammation.

  • Digestion: Rich in fiber, peppermint helps the body digest food more easily and some even say can aid in weight loss.

  • Nausea relief: The same antispasmodic properties that help with stress relief can also aid in relieving nausea. If you get car sick, bring some along.

  • Headache relief: Peppermint promotes healthy blood flow which can aid in headache relief. Also, like we said earlier, the antispasmodic properties can acts as a muscle relaxant which with help calm the nerves if it's a stress headache.

  • Detox: We all know how good water is for flushing the body out. Add some lemon and peppermint to the water you drink throughout the day to help relieve your body of toxins.

  • Focus: Peppermint aroma stimulates the brain so when attention is necessary enjoy some mint water/tea. It will aid in alerting the memory center of the brain.

  • Skin: Got acne? Use peppermint tea as a toner! It's astringent properties will fight bacteria and aid against acne.

How to grow mint

Growing Your Own Mint

You're in luck! Mint is super easy to grow and kind of the perfect apartment/indoor potted plant because its roots are super invasive so will take over a garden bed. Mint loves morning sun and to remain damp. If your plant is not doing well its most likely either receiving too much sun or not enough water. You can also mist the leaves. Whenever you want to add your mint to anything simply cut off a sprig. When making your tea tear some leaves off the sprig (this helps the oils to release) and add to your cup/pot of hot water, let steep until desired flavor. Keeping your mint trimmed will also encourage it to have new, healthy growth. If it flowers just clip the buds back.

Health benefits of mint tea

I hope you take some time to yourself this week and enjoy some delicious mint tea!

XO, Jess


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