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Lancer Skincare Reviews + an Interview with Dr. Lancer

Lancer Skincare Reviews Dr Lancer The Method

It's no secret I'm a skincare junky. My Good Judy didn't text me the "10 Things You'll Know To Be True If You're a Total Skin-Care Fanatic" for nothing (Yes, it's all true, but especially 1, 4, 7, 9). So doing Lancer Skincare reviews is probably the most exciting partnership I've had because aside from getting to use products I've heard amazing things about, I had the honor of interviewing the doctor who created The Method, whom I highly respect. We talk Jennifer Lopez, what everyone (whether you're 20 or 70) should be doing for their skin, and his biggest pet peeve!

First, a little back story on Dr. Lancer: Working within the Golden Triangle in Beverly Hills--anything between Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard (aka Little Santa Monica), and Canon Drive--you become well acquainted with three things: retail, restaurants, and doctors. Afterall, Beverly Hills is known for some of the best shopping, food, and plastic surgeons in the world. It's also home to top dermatologist, Dr. Lancer, who is credited as the man behind the skin of some of the most famous and gorgeous faces. His celebrity clientele include Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Lopez--just to name a few. Oh, and me, of course. But don't be deterred just because you don't live within driving distance of Beverly Hills...just for you Dr. Lancer has his own skincare line, The Lancer Method.

The Lancer Method skincare reviews Lancer Polish, Cleanse, Nourish

I am asked all the time about my skincare routine and have never been shy about sharing what I've loved...and what I haven't loved. But something I have shied away from has been recommending complete skincare lines for a couple reasons. First, I never actually used them. I used this brands cleanser and that brands moisturizer and then another day I'd throw in this oil or that mask. The only skincare routine I had was the steps I followed--oil cleanse, cleanser, toner, essence, serum, moisturizer, blah blah's a long process and one which I regularly switched up the products I was using while adhering to the same overall process. Secondly, everyone's skin is so different. I can make suggestions based on specific needs but it would be impossible to say what works wonders for me will also be a miracle for you.

I was so excited at the idea of minimizing my skincare routine. Lately, when traveling, it has become a nightmare having to pair it down because packing 12 different products for 4 days is just ridiculous and such an extra level of high-maintenance that even I can't handle it. I started needing a bag just for skincare! So, selfishly, I was all about finding a simpler process that still worked wonders...because my skin tends to react a lot from traveling so although I wanted easier I didn't want to compromise effectiveness. But being able to actually recommend a skincare line without having to suggest a dozen different products and places for you to shop/order from was the icing on the cake.

For over six weeks I've kept it a total secret that I was doing Lancer Skincare reviews so I could really see for myself how this stuff worked. Here's the thing about skincare...if it doesn't work for you, sometimes you'll know right away because you'll totally break out. Other times it'll seem like it's not working for you when really your skin is adjusting to something foreign. But usually within a month (some products, like retinoids, take longer to see true results) you'll know, so I committed to my verdict being out until then. I have smart and savvy readers and I know if I come on here claiming "omg! amazing!'" right away you all know there's just no way. However, I will say, I did know this was pretty amazing pretty quickly.

Dr. Lancer's anti-aging skincare line, The Lancer Method, focuses on 3 simple steps: exfoliating, cleansing, and nourishing the skin. In addition to that he offers other Advanced Treatments you can add on to those three-steps in order to enhance the effects of The Lancer Method. (I'll be telling you about the one I use in a minute.) So what exactly does The Lancer Method do? According to Dr. Lancer, "The Lancer Method works by influencing the skin’s natural regenerative cycle. As one ages, this cycle gradually slows down and the skin’s ability to regenerate itself diminishes. Signs of aging then become visible. The Method reverses this slowdown and lessens the age signs it creates. It does this by training the skin to renew itself faster, as it did when younger. The results are visible and dramatic: skin that acts younger begins to look younger."

Well, I read that and said, "We'll just have to see about that!" Spoiler alert: after using Lancer Skincare The Method for over six weeks I can tell you a 100% yes!!


Let's briefly dive into my Lancer Skincare reviews on each of The Method's three-steps, shall we?

1. Exfoliating aka The Method Polish

Most skincare routine have you exfoliate much later in the process, and not daily. So starting with Lancer The Method Polish was definitely a change for me (more on that in my interview with Dr. Lancer), but one I took to quickly. This is the finest, 'grit' I have ever felt in an exfoliator, so no micro-abrasions from tiny tears further accelerating aging, and it also has this oddly-wonderful warming sensation. The Lancer Polish is my favorite step of the whole process...I immediately feel a difference in my skin just by the way it removes surface debris and dry surface cells. It's fabulous and unlike many other exfoliators I feel like it's also very cleansing.

2. Cleanser aka The Method Cleanse

I found Lancer The Method Cleanse to be so incredibly mild, perfect for my sensitive skin, and a little really goes a long way. One of the things I was surprised by with The Method was the absence of a toner, something the majority of skincare lines truly believe in. Typically, many of us feel a tightness to our face after washing (from the pH imbalance) which toner quickly fixes. Immediately after using The Method Cleanse I realized why The Lancer Method doesn't have a toner in its line, I didn't feel any tightness with The Method Cleanse because It has ingredients which help ensure the product is pH balanced and hydrating. It's truly lovely and hurray for one less product!

3. Moisturizer aka The Method Nourish

Normally moisturizer is my favorite step in my skincare routine and I rush to it because my dry, thirsty skin is literally croaking for it the second I finish everything else. I can just hear it crying, "water....water..." I was shocked that I didn't feel an immediate urgency to lather The Method Nourish all over my face, a true testament to the quality of the previously used Polish and Cleanse. Once I did get it on I found this moisturizer to be incredibly hydrating and made my skin feel so supple. It provides key anti-aging benefits thanks to its hyaluronic acid, extracts, and peptides (if you don't know my love of peptides then read this). It feels great on the skin and within a matter of days my dry skin showed signs of better hydration. Again, I feel like I can't say this enough about all of these products, a little went a long way!

As a 4th step I added one of Dr. Lancer's Advanced Treatments, The Advanced Retinol Treatment

This is a nighttime serum with 1.25% Retinol, which is known to be one of the best ingredients for minimizing wrinkles and expression lines as well as improving skin texture and tone...bye-bye wrinkles and dark spots! Retinol can definitely be a shock to the skin so it's important to not over-apply it (you don't need more than 2 pumps, I only use 1!) and allow your skin time to adjust to incorporating this as part of your routine. I noticed some irritation in the beginning and found I couldn't use it every night. I switched to using it every third night, then after a couple weeks every other night, and that works wonderful for me. I am still not using it daily but this is a once a day max step, friends. Over-applying will not over-wrinkle release. I believe in justifying the price of things by breaking down the 'cost-per-use.' This rational has worked wonders with my vast handbag collection! Considering how little of this product you need to use it will last a looooong time. And, most importantly, it works!


Now for the best part...

An Interview with Dr. Lancer

Dermatologist, Dr. Lancer The Lancer Skincare Method

Dr. Lancer (photo courtesy of Dr. Lancer's Instagram @drlancerrx)

Jess: Regarding anti-aging, what would be your advice to those in their late teens/early 20's who say "I don't need to worry about that yet" as well as those in their 50's and 60's who think, "It's too late for me without major surgery." What steps do you suggest for both?

Dr. Lancer: It’s never too early or too late to care for your skin. As you’re regimented to brush your teeth every day, morning and night, skin hygiene is just as important of an event. As you see your dentist annually, visiting a board-certified dermatologist should be a regular visit as well – your dermatologist can help guide you in your skincare maintenance.

With exposure to the elements, sun damage and/or environmental, pollution damage is possible from birth. From age 0-20, there’s building of proteins, matrixes and lattices of skin health. And then you get to age 20 and you hit a peak; there’s then a slow decline and as you get older, the decline actually gets faster – you just may not realize this until you’re around 65. So to those in their late teens/early 20s, they might have different concerns and priorities when it comes to complexion, but that doesn’t negate the fact that skincare is just as important from a young age.

For those in their 50’s and 60’s, many actually don’t defer to surgery anymore. While they may be scrambling to recover lost youth, they are looking towards noninvasive methods. For patients that come to our practice, we work with them on a personalized approach that starts with home care first and then in-office treatments if/as necessary.

Jess: Korean Skincare, specifically a ten-step formula, has become increasingly popular over the years. They advise exfoliating later in the routine and not daily. Why does your method specify doing it first?

Dr. Lancer: The Lancer Method advocates for exfoliation first and daily, followed by cleansing, which differs from the traditional order. The change allows for a deeper and more effective cleanse. Think about it in terms of a tile floor you are looking to replace – the Polish step is the gentle lifting that breaks up the old, worn-out tiles. Only then you can successfully scoop up and sweep away the debris – the second Cleanse step washes away any remaining exfoliant, excess oil and dirt.

Jess: I've heard Jennifer Lopez sleeps only on her back, surrounded by pillows, in order to minimize wrinkles and preserve her skin, etc. Truly, how much damage are us 'stomach sleepers' doing to our skin? Does a silk/satin pillowcase ease the damage? Should stomach sleepers be converting to their back?

Dr. Lancer: Sleeping on your stomach can result in a lot of damage. When you’re sleeping on your stomach, you’re resting on some portion of your face causing tension, distortion. You are sliding your face from the earlobe down to your nose tip, and that force can lend to lines and wrinkles, especially when the act is repetitive. Also, there’s an internal physiological problem with sleeping on your stomach – inhaling and exhaling actions are reduced leading to reduced oxygen flow. Blood flow is also reduced because of compression of the chest wall, heart and lung interaction. I always advise that people to learn to sleep on their back – you can use a roll pillow under your neck to help you remain in that sleeping position on your back.

There’s surely nothing wrong with using a silk or satin pillowcase but it’s important that you do change the set regularly. Silk tends to absorb oil, dead skin cells and it retains heat – that can all lead to congestion in the skin.

Jess: What's your biggest skin 'pet peeve'? For example, what's something you dread hearing a patient does or, maybe in your case, doesn't do?

Dr. Lancer: The biggest disservice you can do to yourself is being dishonest about your use of, or lack thereof, a skincare program, when consulting with your dermatologist. From initial examination of a patient’s complexion, I can tell if he/she is stressed, have been eating poorly, etc.; and I can definitely tell if he/she hasn’t been maintaining their home care. There are certainly no judgements to be made, it’s just important to have an open, honest dialogue so that patients can get the most out of their visits and take away the best, accurate next steps for their skin health.

Jess: What is the biggest favor people can do for themselves regarding their skin that's easily attainable to all of us?

Dr. Lancer: People tend to underestimate the power of a routine cleansing program. All of the investment in in-office treatments and diligence in lifestyle habits won’t mean a thing if the home program isn’t there. Taking a few minutes every morning and night to Polish, Cleanse and Nourish will not only offer an immediate result, but you will see the benefits in the long-term, accumulating in a healthy, youthful complexion.


I hope you all enjoyed! Fascinating information from Dr. Lancer's interview right?! I guess it's time I learn to sleep on my back! Thank you so much to Dr. Lancer for this interview and his products which I am a completely devoted fan of now. If you've been wanting to take better care of your skin, I highly, highly, highly recommend Lancer skincare.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products use the following link for 15% savings September 19-26!

Full disclosure, I was gifted these products; however, not paid to review any of them. Affiliate links are included and from the bottom of my heart, as always, I thank you for your love and support! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about my experience with Lancer skincare.

xo, JB


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