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California Dreaming

Welcome to!

Over the last ten years I have lived in DC, Boston, and Los Angeles. Despite so many differences, two things have always remained the same no matter where I've lived. First, I've always had an affinity for restaurants and entertaining. Among my friends, no matter which city I was living in, I always became the person everyone would seek out for suggestions on where to go. The second constant has been that I've always worked in fashion. It became routine...'where should I go?' which would always immediately be followed with 'what should I wear?'

One night on my way to dinner at a restaurant I had been dying to try, one of my friends said (for the umpteenth time), 'you know, you should really have an Instagram or blog for this.' Two years, and countless encouragements later, I finally (quietly) created an Instagram account. I wasn't sure it would actually become anything so didn't let myself take it that seriously. Yet, slowly but surely, it did. I then told myself if I ever hit 10k followers I'd take it a step further and create a blog.

So here we are!

I'm so excited to take you along this journey with me!

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