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Must Have Accessory: A Red Handbag


It's known for fire, passion, power, love, good luck and fortune...and it's certainly not for the timid. I am seeing the red trend everywhere this season and loving it!! I think there's no better way to wear this statement piece than with a gorgeous red handbag. Think of it as a can wear a red handbag with any outfit and it spices it up just a punch, ya know?

I have rounded up my favorite red handbags below, and don't section is full of designer pieces if you're feeling like a splurge and the other is much more affordable if you're looking to save...right from Amazon!


red handbags Chloe hermes gucci fendi Prada

1. Chloé Nile Bracelet Leather and Suede

2. Hermés Evelyn GM

3. Fendi Chain Wallet Bag

4. Gucci Marmont Quilted Leather Backpack

5. Prada Pionnière Web-Strap Shoulder Bag

6. Gucci Reversible GG Medium Tote


1. Mini Pochette Bag

2. Shoulder Tassel Bag

3. Zip Leather Backpack

4. Quilted CrossBody Chain Bag

5. Small Shoulder Bag

6. Tote Shoulder Bag

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