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Benefits of Castor Oil

Updated: 10/3/23

Castor Oil is making the rounds on TikTok in a big way recently, which made me think to give this post a refresh.

Yes, I've been using Black Castor Oil on my eyelashes for many years, which keeps they long and healthy.

But recently all of TikTok is talking about the many health benefits of Castor Oil on other parts of the body. If you've ever used the oil before, you know it's very thick and sticky...different than a lot of other oils that smoothly go on the body. But I know it does wonders on my eyelashes, so why couldn't it be magical on my body? This made me dive in deeper. So, what are the health benefits of Castor Oil?

It's being claimed that putting Castor Oil in your belly button can help with cramps, menstrual pain, endometriosis, and a myriad of other things. Other people are swearing Castor Oil can help with cellulite. They're dry brushing their legs, rubbing on the castor oil, and going to bed to let it all soak up. I have been trying castor oil for cellulite the last few nights, just to see what I think! I'm going to try for 30 days to see if castor oil reduces my cellulite.

Fake lashes. Eyelash extensions...whatever you want to call it.

Doesn't it seem like every single person has them nowadays? Sure, people used to put them on for special occasions and going out, but now it's like everyone in life is just walking around with Saturday night lashes on a Tuesday morning. No hate! I love me a good eyelash! But now it's more common for people to assume you have fake lashes rather than naturally long lashes.

Growing up I was always asked if my eyelashes were fake. This was the only perk that came from being a dark-haired beast. Oops, did I just reveal I'm not a natural platinum blonde? All jokes aside, I started shaving my legs in the second grade and wore long sleeves all summer because I hated how hairy I was. The only good thing that came with what I hated most was the thing I loved most: long, thick, dark eyelashes. My eyebrows were out of control as well, thank God that became on trend.

So, I'd be misguiding you if I said I had the secret to go from no lashes to BAM, LASHES! But I can tell you we all go through different growth cycles and this stuff works for getting them in gear. So, want those naturally long lashes but don't want to do the damage, financial or otherwise? I'm finally telling my secret. Come close.


Black Castor Oil

Here's what's one is talking about this!


Like, no one. People spend a small fortune on different options for long lashes and this costs less than 20 bucks and will last an eternity. I have linked the one below that I use, which you can purchase through Amazon.

What is Black Castor Oil? Castor oil is derived from the castor plant and comes in a couple varieties: clear or black. Clear castor oil is made through cold pressing the castor beans whereas creating black castor oil is slightly more complex. This requires the beans to be roasted and boiled before being pressed, which gives it the darker color and slightly burnt smell. Since the burnt ash is also pressed with the oil the benefits increase. As I say any time I talk about this kind of stuff...I'm no scientist so I won't even pretend to know the array of benefits of ricinoleic acid and ricin, but they're in there! I just know castor oil is super nutrient rich and full of a bunch of different vitamins and minerals. In fact, black castor oil is so rich in Omega-3 fatty acids it's wonderful for treating acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and issues with skin pigmentation.

How do you do it? Take an old, thoroughly cleansed mascara ward (or buy a spoolie) and dip it in the castor oil. Coat your lashes from root to tip, similar to how you would apply your mascara. I even do my lower lashes. This also works if you have over-plucked eyebrows. Just take a Q-tip and run it along them to help sparse hair grow. I do this every evening after my face routine.

And don't give up if you don't see immediate results, keep at it for a few weeks!

My Secret to Naturally Long Lashes

Unedited, no mascara



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