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The Perfect Tweezers

The perfect tweezers, Tweezerman Slanted Tweezers


The perfect tweezers...


How can such a little thing be such a big pain when you're stuck with the wrong ones? You know those things in life that are so simple that you barely give them any thought? But without them you realize how essential they are to you? That's how I feel about a good pair of tweezers. (Or a lemon squeezer, but that's for another day.) Not all tweezers are created equal. What I mean is I hate, hate, hate rounded tweezers. Do you know what I'm talking about? Please say yes, I don't want to be the only insanely particular person around here. I want the slanted edge of my tweezers to be razor sharp and flat as can be, none of this rounded-edge business...they just don't work! I find to get one hair I have to go at it half a dozen times with those lame excuse for tweezer.

This is something I'm clearly very passionate about. Here's just how passionate. When I was graduating college everything was packed up and shipped away a few days prior to my commencement. I realized, regretfully, my tweezers went with all my belongings. No big deal...I headed to Rite Aid for a new pair. Mind you, I had never purchased tweezers before because I went away to college with whichever ones I had copped from my mom in high school. It probably goes without saying that someone as precise as my mother would have 'good' tweezers, not that I was aware there was such a thing as 'bad' tweezers yet. Anyway. So I go into Rite Aid and I grab a pair of tweezers and the conversation with my mother goes something like this:

Mom: You're not going to like those...

Me: Why?

Mom: Because they're rounded. (As if she's pained to have to answer what should be the most obvious answer ever. I've just completed a very expensive education and yet I still don't know this?)

Me: Seriously? (insert side eye, most likely) Tweezers are tweezers.

Mom: (hands up) K (As you know, 'K' has many, many meanings but none of them actually mean 'This is going to be ok.' In this case it meant, 'Ha! We'll see about that!')

*20 minutes later after attempting to fix up a presumably already over-plucked eyebrow*

Me: Oh my Gosh! I hate these tweezers! Why do they even make these?! They don't work! These are the worst tweezers ever!!

Mom: (Gives a look that says 'I told you so' but refuses to say 'I told you so' and hands over the tweezers she would have bought, and thankfully did.

And I have had those very tweezers since my college graduation in 2005. I have also lived in semi-dread of the day my luggage gets lost or I leave them in a hotel or some boyfriend 'borrows' them only for them to never see the light of day again. And then a box arrived from Tweezerman, who actually had absolutely no idea that I have a deep-rooted, fear-based attachment to my tweezers. They sent so many tools I could not believe my eyes. Eyelash curlers, beauty sponge, eyebrow shaping tools, facial dermaplaner, cleansing brush, and--you guesses it--two different types of tweezers. Before I even took them out of their package I knew that these tweezers were not, in fact, from Tweezerman at all, but rather Heaven. I swear I heard the sounds of angels singing. They aren't rounded. They're the perfect weight. (I didn't even discuss my disgust at the weight of those dreadful tweezers because it pains me to think about it.) These are the most perfect tweezers ever and I am just so happy about them that I want every single one of you to have a pair too. They're the kind of tweezer that can pluck a hair that's only just contemplating showing up. Even Allure agrees with me, they have given these exact tweezers their coveted Best of Beauty Award since, like, 2000.

My other favorite thing included in the package? A blackhead remover! Have you ever watched Dr. Pimple Popper videos? If you haven't, you're missing out. I am obsessed! I have thought so many times about getting her extraction tool. I don't need to anymore because I have the Tweezerman one and I am so in love! But be warned. If you're anything like me (a picker) you will spend an unnecessary amount of time obsessing over your pores in your vanity mirror. Did you read about my love of a good vanity mirror? Check it out. Should I do an entirely separate post about extraction tools? Because there's this other amazing little tool Tweezerman sent that's intended to be used for something else but in reality it's so perfect for those tiny little blemishes that sprout out of your nose. I love multi-purpose things, so efficient. Yes, I think I should! Stay tuned for that.


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Extractor, Slanted Tweezers, Eyelash Tool (but great for using as an extractor), Fine Point Tweezers, Slanted and Fine Point Tweezer Set, Rose Gold Slanted Tweezers because GORGEOUS!


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