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Best and Worst Dressed of the 2017 Emmy Awards

Oh yes, she did!!!

Oh no, she didn't!!

The best and worst dressed of the 2017 Emmy Awards.

Let's start with the 'Yes She Did!'...shall we?

zoe Kravitz in dior

Zoe Kravitz in Dior....ughhhhhhhhhh this DRESS!!!! The color and movement is killer. It's a lot of look, so the short hair and minimalistic makeup pull it all together. Plus she just has the cool factor to pull it off.

louise roe in ADEAM

Louise Roe in ADEAM. The lace, the tiers, the sleeve, the neckline plus it couldn't be styled more perfectly with the hair back, neutral makeup, and no necklace. Simplistic is having a major moment right now.

Jessica Biel in Ralph and Russo

Jessica Biel in Ralph and Russo. She looks like she is an Emmy award! I love the rose and silver of the dress. It's almost like two-tone metal. And it was sick on television. I do wish she pulled her hair back completely because look at her décolletage--that needs to be shown off!

Felicity Huffman in Tony Ward

Felicity Huffman in Tony Ward. Come on! It's like this was made for her!!! She is perfection.

Millie Bobby Brown in Calvin Klein

Millie Bobby Brown in Calvin Klein. She's simply throw on the fact she's 13 and that can be such a weird age to try to dress for any formal event and she just carries herself so well. This dress is so appropriate, yet I could see any A Lister also wearing it. The bandana around her waist adds a more youthful, contemporary vibe. She's just precious.

Kristin cavallari in Kaufman franco

Kristin Cavallari in Kaufman Franco. It's so effortlessly glamorous. I'm also incredibly biased because Isaac Franco is one of the nicest I've ever worked with in the business. I adore him.

Nicole Kidman in Calvin Klein

Nicole Kidman in Calvin Klein. The total look is spot on. The neckline and the necklace are heavenly, the waist is perfect, I saw a lot of this length--which is so fresh, and it's the perfect red. She just radiates.


Now for the 'No She Didn't!!'

Jane Fonda in Brandon Maxwell

Jane Fonda in Brandon Maxwell. Now, there's no denying that Jane Fonda is stuuuuunning but this is all just a wee bit too 'I Dream of Jeanie' for me. The pony tail and the color and the metallic shoes....too much!

Reese Witherspoon in Stella McCartney

Reese Witherspoon in Stella McCartney. Girl, you are a nominee!! It's like she flew to LA, lost her luggage, and had to borrow the flight attendants uniform and then to top it off didn't bother to do her hair. BYE.

Gabriel Union in Zuhair Murad

Gabriel Union in Zuhair Murad. Love the hair, love the makeup, hate the styling. The necklace, totally unnecessary...there's already so much going on up there. The sheer factor of the dress is gorgeous but what is this cape-ish sleeve thing going on?! It's all just a mess to me. Rip it off, take off the necklace, and then watch her walk in a room...magic!

Ariel Winter in Zuhair Murad

Ariel Winter in Zuhair Murad. First, Zuhair Murad gowns are cha-china...and yet this looks like it could be from Caché. Aside from the slits totally cheapening it, the fabric doesn't help it. Just a big fat, no.

Mandy Moore in Carolina Herrera

Mandy Moore in Carolina Herrera. The makeup is right. The hair is right. The jewelry is right. The rest is a taffeta exploding mess. It's like lampshades stacked on top of each other--remove that bottom black, extend that white, and BOOM. Suddenly she'd be wearing the dress, rather than the dress wearing her.

Who were your favorites and least favorites?


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