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Best and Worst Dressed of the 2018 Oscars

champagne has bubbles best and worst dress oscars 2018

Oh yes, she did!!!

On no, she didn't!!!

Obviously you know I had to bring you my picks for the best and worst dressed on the red carpet at the 2018 Oscars.

Let's start with the Best Dressed (Oh yes, she did!!!!) shall we?

Allison Janney wearing Reem Akra Oscars 2018

Allison Janney wearing Reem Akra.

She is stuuunning!! She walked in there a winner and left an even bigger one. The color is perfection on her, the sleeve, the neckline, the hair, the jewelry...everything about this look is exquisite! But more than anything you can tell she feels amazing wearing it! Bravo!!

Lupita Nyong'o wearing Versace Oscars 2018

Lupita Nyong'o wearing Versace.

She can do no wrong. Every look she wears is always gorgeous and this was no exception. The thing incredible about her though...even in a shiny dress, her skin is still what's radiant. She just glows, always!

Leslie Bibb wearing J. Mendel Oscars 2018

Leslie Bibb wearing J. Mendel.

First of all, I just have to say, back in high school I was obsessed with a short-lived show she starred in called Popular. She, of course, was popular and there was a girl named Tuna and that's about all I remember. Anyway, don't be fooled by how serious she looks in this photo...every year there's a couple who stand out on the red carpet and this year it was her and partner, Best Supporting Actor winner, Sam Rockwell. They just gush over each other!!! I love this dress!

Gina Rodriguez wearing Zuhair Murad Oscars 2018

Gina Rodriguez wearing Zuhair Murad.

I liked this dress when I saw it on the red carpet; however, when she walked out on stage to present I loved it. I saw its movement and that it was sheer and that the beading was placed ever so perfectly and precisely to cover where necessary...died.

Zendaya wearing Giambatista Valli Oscars 2018

Zendaya wearing Giambatista Valli.

There is something so regal about this entire look. I have never been a brown gown fan and yet here is it rich and exquisite. I love the draping, the sleeve, and the hair. It's youthful while maintaining glam.

Nicole Kidman wearing Armani Prive Oscars 2018

Nicole Kidman wearing Armani Privé.

This is the dress you either love or hate. And I just so happen to love it. It takes a special kind of body to pull of a giant bow in the front and Nicole pulls it off effortlessly. And this color?! She's just flawless.


Okay, so new category. I love thinking about the best and worst dress. BUT! For me, I'm almost always most intrigued by what everyone loves that I'm kind of, eh about. Right? These are my 'meh, I want to love it but I just am kinda underwhelmed...'

Allison Williams wearing Armani Prive Oscars 2018

Allison Williams in Armani Privé.

I love that she has an old Hollywood glam vibe going on with this whole look. The dress is beautiful and the hair and jewelry is perfect with it. But it just doesn't thrill me. I feel like the dress wears her, rather than the other way around. Plus, there are dresses that look great in person and ones that photograph well. This does not photograph well, which is a lot of what you need to put you in red carpet infamy.

Margot Robbie wearing Chanel Oscars 2018

Margot Robbie in Haute Couture Chanel.

You know I am a Chanel girl and I feel like I'm committing a sin not gushing over this dress, particularly because Chanel doesn't make that many red carpet appearances. So here are my thoughts. I love the dress. I love her hair and makeup...she glows. But she's a nominee and I like to see my nominees really step it up. Even a necklace...something. It's just missing that one, two punch!

Sandra Bullock wearing Louis Vuitton Oscars 2018

Sandra Bullock wearing Louis Vuitton.

I first saw Sandra walking in the background and was like, "oh my gosh...she looks gorgeous!!" But then the more I looked at the whole look the more underwhelmed I became. I loved the super sleek, long hair on her but with this dress I would have really liked to see her wear it pulled back. Also wish she had some good wrist candy on!


Moving on.

Worst Dress (Oh no, she didn't!!!!)

Whoopi wearing Christian Siriano Oscars 2018

Whoopi wearing Christian Siriano.

Ugh. No. I shouldn't even say Whoopi wears the dress because the dress wears her. It's just not for me. Disaster.

Andra Day wearing Zac Posen Oscars 2018

Andra Day in Zac Posen.

It's like she forgot she had the Academy Awards so ran to the nearest Victorian Bed & Breakfast, stole the window or canopy bed treatments and just wrapped herself around in them, randomly pinned it, and was like voila! Let's go to the Oscars!

Haley Bennet wearing Dior Oscars 2018

Haley Bennett wearing Dior.

Ugh. It looks like someone emptied the contents of the lawn mower all over this dress.

Salma Hayek wearing Gucci Oscars 2018

Salma Hayek in Gucci.

You always know that Salma is going to show up in Gucci, one of my favorite houses and companies I've worked for. I am so happy about the incredible moment Gucci has been having these last couple years. However, the only 'wow' this got out of me was not a good one. I just couldn't get behind the broken chandelier draped over her shoulders.

Emma Stone wearing Louis Vuitton Oscars 2018

Emma Stone wearing Louis Vuitton.

Okay, so, it's not worst dressed as in 'This is awful! What were you thinking?!' But it just does nothing for me. I don't find it cute, flattering, or worthwhile. Emma Stone usually does so much better.

Kelly Ripa wearing Christian Siriano Oscars 2018

Kelly Ripa wearing Christian Siriano.

Maybe the only reason Kelly chose this dress was so she could run around all night and saying, "Look! It has pockets!!" and I can't blame her for that. But it's like she ran over a clown who then was stuck attached to her bumper all night! I hate to put one designer on this list twice but get it together, Christian.

St. Vincent wearing Saint Laurent Oscars 2018

St. Vincent wearing Saint Laurent

Where did you think you were going? I'm a purist and I believe the Oscars are a time for pure elegance...which this is not. You wanna wear this to the Grammys? No problem. I still will probably put you on the worst dressed list but I at least won't ask you where you thought you were going.

Blanca Bianco wearing Atria Couture Oscars 2018

Blanca Bianco wearing Atria Couture.

Blanca Bianco made headlines during the Golden Globes for being 'the woman who wore red to an all-black #MeToo Golden Globes.' This was kiiiind of her opportunity to show that she has any sense when it comes to dressing for the occasion and once again she failed. Why do I feel like she belongs at the starting line of the Nascar races? Ya know?

That's it from me! What were your picks for best and worst dressed? Would love to hear below!

Love you, mean it. xx JB


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