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Calming and Grounding

Calming & Grounding

Green Calcite: Promotes forgiveness of others and self.

Blue Lace Agate: Peace of mind to help relax anxiety. Calming and soothing.

Black Tourmaline: Security blanket. When overwhelmed with anxiety and fear, hold it and picture all your worries being sucked into it. Hold a piece in both hands if possible. Also protects from people's bad energy. 

Blue Calcite: Calms a racing heart.

Red Jasper: Brings about harmony.

Malachite: Can act on depression by promoting tranquility and peace.

Amethyst: Helps relieve stress and anxiety by providing clarity.

Fluorite: Helps mild emotional upset.

Howlite: Inner peace. Relaxing stone helps with mental balance. 

Hematite: Grounding. Keeps from being pulled into the sway of others. It's a truth stone so all nonsense will fall to the wayside. 

Rhodonite: Helps with panic attacks.

Sodalite: Enhances rational mind and alleviating panic attacks. Good for a chaotic life or when feeling confusion in life. Helps focus the mind (believed to be helpful with ADHD).

Lepidolite: High in lithium which is known to stabilize moods. Calms the crown chakra if you're mind is running wild.

Black Onyx: A great stone if you're known to get overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of city life. We live in a very Yang world (hard, aggressive, forceful, masculine) and this can help with Yin energy. 

Anger or Sadness
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