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Healing Crystals by Category

Crystals are amplifying minerals. You have a crystal in a radio - it amplifies the sound waves. You have a crystal in a television set - it amplifies the light waves. When you hold crystals they amplify thought waves.

-Shirley MacClaine

About a year ago I wrote a basic crash course all about crystals and how to cleanse, charge, and set them. You can find that post here. Turns out, it has become one of my most popular posts. Since originally publishing it I have updated it a few times, adding new crystals, etc., but I really wanted to create a resource that was so much more useful to you.

When I first got into crystals I didn't know where to start. It is a huge world! You know that expression 'you dont know what you don't know'? That's exactly how I felt except I knew I didn't know a whole bunch of stuff. Rose Quartz is good for love. Okay, got it. Black Tourmaline is protective. Got it. The more I took to google the more I learned about different crystals but in my research I found it difficult to find the crystals I wanted by particular ailment. I could google the name of a crystal and find out everything in the world about it. But what do you do if you don't even know the names yet? I thought it would be a lot more valuable if I could google 'crystals for heartbreak' or 'crystals to protect you from psychos at work' and find a whole list of helpful things. Unfortunately, I didn't find a lot of that. Now that I'm a lot further in my crystal journey and am often advising others I decided to create exactly what I wished I could have found all those years ago in order to make things easier for you. There's so much information out there and when you're starting out it can be so overwhelming/intimidating. Wouldn't it be so much more helpful to look up something you want support with (be it less axiety, attracting love, or motivation) and find a list of crystals which will support that? That's what I have compiled here. So, without further ado...crystals by category!

A few important things to know:

  • Crystals are multidimensional and can work for a myriad of things. For example, one stone can be good for intuition, love, calming energy, as well as travel. But that doesn't mean it will be good for you with all of those things. I talk about that more below.

  • This is by no means an exhausted list. I am continuously educating myself and discovering new crystals. If you have some to recommend or a category I should add to this, I would love to hear from you!

  • Just because I connect well with a particular crystal and it works great for me does not mean it will for you and vice versa. Additionally, I may list a certain crystal as both good for travel and creativity while you feel it only resonates with one of those things - that's ok! We all have different energy and vibration and what's important is to find what works for this...this is simply just a guide to help you get started!

Crystal Menu

Raising Your Vibration & Intuition



Love & Forgiveness


Boost Energy

Writing & Creativity

Sensuality & Feminine Energy

Anger or Sadness

Calming & Grounding


Moving Forward

Mercury Retrograde

Addiction & Sobriety

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