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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

People never used to talk about Mercury Retrograde. Now when Mercury goes retrograde everyone seems to panic.  So, what is Mercury Retrograde? It's when the planet appears (from Earth) to reverse directions in its orbit, going backwards. So why does anyone care? Mercury is the planet said to rule communication (which includes computers, telecommunication, and travel), so when it's orbiting backwards many feel that's exactly what happens with our communication--taking a real whammy on our interpersonal relationships and plans. Many feel Mercury Retrograde leads to an increase in misunderstandings, disagreements, schedule mishaps, and extra traffic. They find that during Mercury Retrograde simple miscommunications can become much bigger issues than they otherwise would. Others take it even further and suggest not making any significant electronic purchases or signing contracts. 


Whatever you believe it never hurts to feel a little extra grounded, clear headed, and harmonious with yourself and others. Here are a few crystals to help you do just that.

Clear Quartz: Provides clarity when your mind feels foggy.

Fluorite: Helps with mild emotional upset and neutralizes negative energy. It's also a great stone to keep around your electronics, which also seem to go on the fritz during retrograde. 

Black Tourmaline: A grounding crystal. Assists with protection from chaos and anxiety, helping to make you feel safe and secure. Plus, it provides a shield from other people's crazed energy. 

Hematite: Also a grounding crystal, it is known to pull any negative energy from the body and aids in clearing your energy field. 


Amazonite: Helps to keep communication calm and not full of unnecessary emotion so that communication remains clear. 

Sodalite: Enhances rational mind so good for clearing confusion. It's a great stone for healing communication challenges and focusing the mind.

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