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Addiction & Sobriety

Addiction & Sobriety

Amethyst- Amethyst is the 'Sobriety Stone' literally translating to "not drunk". If you're into greek mythology, they're a very beautiful story about how Amethyst came to be. Dionysaus was kind of the patron of alcohol. Like many alcoholics when he was good, he was good; when not so good, he was awful. One day, while in his usual intoxicated state, a mortal did not properly acknowledge him and he vowed to seek revenge on whatever mortal crossed his path next. Sadly, that person was a young girl named Amethyst who was on her way to worship at the temple of Diana with gifts for the moon goddess. Still consumed by anger, Dionysaus sent his two ferocious tigers to attack Amethyst. Terrified, Amethyst prayed to be saved and was turned into a pillar of clear crystal. Dionysaus quickly felt terrible about his hasty reaction which ruined this poor girl who had nothing to do with it and began to weep tears, overflowing his full glass of wine, spilling it all over Amethyst and changing the crystal from clear quartz to purple. 

as it brings about relaxation and helps heighten spiritual connections. 



Clear Quartz- 

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