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It only makes sense that many of the 'love' stones are also 'communication' stones as they help you to clearly communicate what's in your heart without becoming over emotional. 

Rose Quartz: Considered the ultimate love stone. Cultivates love and invites love into your life.

Malachite: Cleans painful heartache to make way for new love. 

Rhodochrosite: Love yourself first. By loving yourself you can invite other's to love you too. Release the past. It's also known to initiate playful, flirtatious energy--whisper a love's name three times into the stone and ask to be brought into your life. I love this stone in conjunction with Rhodonite. 

Green Aventurine: Luck and love. Also increases confidence to attracts people to you. 

Citrine: Stone of success. Help you to feel empowered, confident, joyful, and sure of self.


Hematite: Grounding. Helps to prevent emotional upset if you're feeling overly sensitive.

Rhodonite: Realistic expectations with the ones we love. Helps with healing your heart by letting go of past wrongdoings. Balances emotions when going through a hard time.

Lapis: Helps with clear communication. Brings harmony in relationships.

Apache Tear: Help to recover from grief. Holds your hand while you get back on your feet.

Amazonite: Aids in communicating true thoughts and feelings without being overly emotional. (Also good luck in gambling--which love always is!)

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