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Raising Your Vibration and Intuition

& Connecting with the Divine 


in.tu.i.tion - noun - a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

We all have our own little voice or 'gut feeling' that tells us things we 'know' to be true while we don't necessarily have any evidence to support that belief. This is our intuition and I believe it never gets enough credit. We live in a world where--for the most part--information is based on solid facts, proof, and 'receipts'. This, of course, can be a very good thing in many cases. But how many other times have you 'known' to not get in the car, or take the job, or believe the person - yet had absolutely no way of actually truly 'knowing'? I have always been keenly aware of my intuition and can't think of a single time it has 'told' me something and been wrong. Yet I can recall countless times my intuition spoke up, I went against it, and it was a big mistake to not listen. I spend a lot of time getting in touch with my intuition so that when she really speaks up I am tuned in a listening. Life just feels easier when I'm tapped into it. This practice has made me more connected to my intuition and therefore more trusting of the messages I receive.

Selenite: My absolutely favorite crystal for connecting with my intuition. (Selenite is actually my favorite crystal, period. It is known as an angel stone and can help you connect with higher powers. Many people feel the Divine connects through Selenite to deliver messages.

Clear Quartz: Helps bring clarity to the mind so your soul can listen.

Malachite: Enhances the development of spiritual insight and intuition.

Fluorite: Protective and stabilizing, increases intuition and connection to spirit.

Amethyst: This is considered the Third Eye/Sixth Sense crystal. Place on your crown while meditating to help increase intuition.

Rhodochrosite: Can provide you connection to your bloodline/deceased family. I use this when I really want a message/guidance from lost loved ones.

Howlite: Connection to spirit. Sleep with it under your pillow when you feel you really need direction. 

Lapis: Activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. 

Labradorite: Called the Magic Stone because of its ability to heighten and enhance natural psychic ability. This is also a great stone to waken your intuition when traveling in order to meet the right people along your journey. 

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