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Can A Bloody Mary Be Good For You?

Okay, so maybe I'm kidding....maybe I'm not.

I am a juice addict. If you live in Los Angeles, this is nothing foreign to you. I mean, there are more juice shops than there are gas stations. Everyone here is a juice addict, and I of course have my favorites because some juices can be deceiving. You think you're drinking your salad when in fact it's loaded with enough sugar that you might as well be eating a box of cookies for lunch. But, like most things, I think we take for granted that on any given block in Los Angeles there are three different fresh juice places to pick from. I know when I visit my parents in South Carolina the accessibility to cold-pressed juice in nonexistent, so when I happened to be visiting them and SaladPower told me they could ship me juice (free shipping, always) I was doing high kicks!

Here's the lowdown. All SaladPower's produce is handpicked, sustainably sourced and 100% non-GMO certified. And on top of that their juice is super affordable which I think we all can appreciate given that at most shops buying a juice everyday for a month will total more than a car payment. The base of all of their juices are packed with kale, carrot, spinach, celery, cucumber, tomato, and bell pepper.

They sent me 4 different flavors to try: Just Veggies, Veggies + Apple, Veggies + Pineapple, Veggies + Mango. SaladPower describes themselves as 'putting veggies first' and when you drink them you will taste exactly that. These are not juices which have added a bunch of sugary fruits to cover up the vegetable flavor. These are juices with nearly 3 servings of vegetables in them, so very low calorie while being packed with tons of vitamins.

Did they tell me this would go great with Vodka? No. Will I be using it for that on Sunday? Most likely. I am a brunch girl and these are that good!

Visit to read more about SaladPower or have some delivered to you!

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