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Best Costco Beauty Products (and so much more)!

Adulthood begins when you suddenly enjoy Costco. Who is with me? I always find the best Costco beauty products! (But don't worry, we're covering way more than beauty products here.) I remember being a kid and being dragged along to that big Warehouse and despising it. It felt like it took forever to walk around and was just so boring. If I wasn't getting Sour Punch Straws, what was the point? Ya feel me? Not anymore! I love going to Costco and get super stoked about the stuff I find. Plus, Costco's inventory rotates so much that they randomly will have the greatest hidden gems. A couple weeks ago I was making my fourth, yes fourth, trip to Costco in two weeks when I asked my Instagram friends if they'd like to see the my favorite Costco beauty products and received a huge YES!

As you know, I like full disclosure. This is in no way affiliated with Costco. I have not been compensated to feature or gifted any of the following products. I will always disclose if I am!

So here it is...


The Best Costco Beauty Products


costco makeup wipes kirkland daily facial towelettes

1. Costco Makeup Wipes (Kirkland Daily Facial Towelette) - $15.99

This is an enormous box of 150 makeup/face wipes--4 packs of 30 and 2 packs of 15 (perfect for travel) to be exact. Now, I have honestly tried every brand of makeup wipes that you can buy at CVS, some obviously better than others. However, these are the last new brand I've tried because I can't imagine ever liking another brand more. Never have I ever had one single wipe remove all my makeup, until these! Seriously. Also, with so many other brands I felt like by the time I was getting to the end of a pack they were really dry. Never these...they absolutely retain their moisture down to the last wipe. I love, love, love them. Plus, the Costco makeup wipes are by far the cheapest. I was easily spending $15.99 on 2-3 packs of 30 at CVS.

costco egyptian magic

2. Egyptian Magic Skin Cream - $24.99

Made of the simplest ingredients allegedly used by Cleopatra, this skin cream is the perfect all-purpose product to nourish your skin. Egyptian Magic is an industry cult favorite, often found on movie sets and at fashion shows. It's just a great utilitarian moisturizer which can also treat cuts and burns, tame hair, moisturize lips, and is safe on eczema, psoriasis, and acne prone skin. Kate Hudson actually swears by this product and claims she lathers it all over her face during overnight flights to keep her skin hydrated.

costco t3 blow dryer

3. T3 Luxe 2i Hair Dryer - $99.99

I got my first T3 years ago when I worked at Bloomingdale's and fell in love. It was light, pretty quiet, and dried my hair quickly without blasting overly hot air that would surely further damage my hair. Not to mention part of the whole deal is that it emits negative ions, which if you know anything about salt lamps are good for you! When I was browsing through and saw they had this T3 for $100 I couldn't believe it...they're always at least $150. I know even at $100 it's more expensive than the $30 Target special but if you're someone who regularly uses hot products on your hair it's worth it to invest in ones that will help lessen some of the damage.

Costco Kirkland shampoo and conditioner

4. Kirkland Signature Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner - less than $20

I can be a bit of a shampoo snob. There, I said it! My bff is a hair stylist and it comes with the territory. I have dry, extremely color-treated hair (oh, you thought I was a natural platinum blonde? How sweet!) so can't be washing these locks with just anything and I feel like a lot of shampoos work for a bit and then eventually I get used to it and my hair just doesn't feel as clean anymore when I use it. I especially need to be mindful that nothing takes my bright and cool blonde to a coppery tone. Hate that! When I was told to try the Kirkland brand shampoo and conditioner I'll admit I scrunched by nose up a bit. These shampoo and conditioner bottles are big (HUGE!) at 33.8 fl oz. (a whole LITER!) and less than $10 each. But then I was told it's rumored to be a Pureology knockoff, which for the same size would cost you $64. For less than $20 I was willing to give it a shot and wow! This is by far the best quality/quality for that price I have ever found for shampoo and conditioner and I really like it!

Costco dr teal's epsom salt

5. Dr Teal's Epsom Salt (two 6 pound bags) - $7.99

You know I am all about a bath and not much feels better than Dr Teal's Epsom Salt. This is not a frou-frou bath product; this is to relieve tired, achy muscles and replenish your body's minerals. A 3 pound bag at Walmart or Target is around $5 so at that price one of the Costco bags would be $10 yet you're getting two for less than $10. Once you've begun using it you'll wonder how you ever went without. It just really helps your body feel better if you're someone who's on your feet all day or has sore muscles.

costco cotton rounds makeup

6. Swissper Cotton Rounds - 900 count - approximately $10 (sorry guys! I forget what I paid. I just know it's a steal because on Amazon the same amount is over $20!

This is another product I never realize how quickly I go through until it's only a couple weeks later and I've already used 100 of them so I don't mind having these on hand in bulk. Plus they really hold up. I hate it when I use one to wipe on my toner or whatever and I'm left feeling like there are all these threads of cotton all over my face, ya know? They're'll suddenly be cleaning your face, cell phone, jewelry, and whatever else you can.

Costco StriVectin

7. StriVectin

This is a beauty product I have not used yet but I have heard amazing things and after doing more research to write this post it just might be the next beauty product I buy there. The Neck Cream is $69.99 for a two pack (that's equal to 2 fl oz which goes for $95 on for only 1.7 fl oz.), the Eye Concentrate (1 fl oz) is $59.99 for a that plus two .25 fl oz bottles ($69 for 1 fl oz on so you're literally getting the small bottles for free and still playing less) the High-Potency Wrinkle Filler is $79.99 (.5 fl oz) for a two pack ($59 for .5 fl oz on, and the Advanced Intensive Concentrate is $99.99 (2 fl oz) for a two pack ($79 for 2 fl oz on These savings are amazing and if you're someone who's already using StriVectin a Costco membership is worth it for this alone.

Costco L'oreal Lash Paradise

8. L’Oreal Lash Paradise 3pack $17.99

This is by far my favorite drug store mascara, so to find a 3 pack for under $20 I was like 'MINE!' You can't find this mascara for $6, even when CVS is doing their bonus bucks. It's just a great mascara. The L'Oreal Lash Paradise gives volume as well as length and really holds up. I love it. Plus, I'm a fan of just having backstock in mascara.

Costco LED Vanity Mirror

9. Vanity Mirror $20

This mirror is photographic proof why you should never 'sleep on it' regarding anything you see at Costco. I'm not one for doing my makeup in the bathroom. I prefer to sit at my vanity and primp and preen like a real lady in an old movie, which is why I always have have a vanity mirror. My most recent one, purchased many years ago, has seen better days but for such a dumb little they're kind of expensive and I'm always like, 'ehh, mine's fine.' I was perusing Costco one day when I stumbled upon this mirror. It was nice but did I really need it given most of my life is still in storage? I decided no, had the fleeting 'what if it's not here when I'm back in a few days?' thought, went home, and immediately regretted it. I couldn't stop thinking about this mirror. I knew when I went back I was getting it...and then to my horror I couldn't find it anywhere! It was not where it was before! I looked and looked and looked and it was gone! That's what happens at Costco! Well, thank goodness after finishing all my shopping I went to look at a jacket and voilá, there it was like a mirage in the desert.

Moving on to some non-beauty related products...

Costco cotton candy grapes

10. Cotton Candy Grapes

Okay, so this is what started the whole ordeal. I was driving down for these grapes because nowhere else had them in yet but it turns out neither did they. That's when I asked if I should do a 'Best of Costco' post. And the hunt for grapes continued. I've always gotten mine at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods but I had heard they had them in first (and something like $9 for 3 lbs). Sadly, I never found them here.

Costco Spindrift

11. Spindrift 30 cans $14.99

Y'all know I am a carbonated beverage freak. Champagne. Sparkling Water. I just want all the bubbles. I have been a Spindrift fan since it originally came out at Trader Joe's so to buy it in bulk at Costco? Say no more! I only wish the Half Tea Half Lemon was available in the pack because that flavor is phe-nom-en-al.

Costco clothes

12. Clothes

I know, you think I'm lying but I have found some EXCELLENT pieces of clothing at Costco. I'm talking Adidas pants, a Columbia raincoat, denim jacket, the list of hidden treasures goes on and on! Both the pants and zip-up jacket in the above photo are from Costco, as are my beloved champagne pajamas. (Costco actually has the best's my fav place to buy jammies!)

13. Gas

There are two types of people in the world: ones who think half a tank of gas is almost empty and those who think half a tank of gas is practically full. I belong to the latter. My mother is a proud member of the former...I don't think I have ever seen her car on E whereas I like to live on the edge and see just how many days I can can actually make it. She could be more than 3/4 full and she'll be like, 'Oh, we're at Costco! Gotta top off!" But she's not wrong. Even I top off at Costco.

14. Medication/Vitamins/Supplements

Did you know you don't even need a Costco membership to fill a prescription here? It's true, anyone can get theirs medicine filled at Costco and I have found whether using insurance or GoodRx their prices tend to be significantly better than anywhere else. They also have an excellent selection of vitamins and supplements. When I went through everything with my eye over the last year one of the things the doctor highly suggested was for me to begin using Krill Oil. They sell the MegaRed at the best price I've seen.

15. Alcohol/Liquor

Liquor is the other thing you do not need a Costco membership to purchase, and like everything else at Costco you can buy it giant size, need I say more? Rumor has it that the Kirkland brand Vodka is virtually the same as Grey Goose and the price is significantly less. But one of my favorite things to find? During the holidays I usually come across cases of the small bottles of sparkling wine by both Chandon and Mionetto. These go super fast so buy a few and keep them around! I have read many comparisons on the Kirkland wine and apparently that also really holds up! (You do need a membership for wine and champagne, etc., just not liquor.)

What have I missed? I would love to know what your favorite Costco purchases are! BTW, this list doesn't even include online where you can get a TON of super luxe products like Chanel Sublimage, a Mason Pearson hairbrush...the list goes on and on.

II'm sorry for the amount of time I have let go by between posts. I have a few blog posts coming over the next couple weeks...I'm really trying to not let so much time go by between posts! - XO, JB


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