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Using a Facial Roller - Microneedling Benefits

derma-roller micro-needling, micro-derma jade roller

You know that if there's something crazy going on in beauty I'm all about trying it. I'm like investigative journalist, Christiane Amanpour, status for this shit. I just totally get my kicks trying all sorts of ridiculous new things. Hey, it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it! You're welcome. Bring on the microneedling and jade roller please!

It's always good to start here:

What is microneedling?

It' basically rolling hundreds of teeny tiny needles on your face that puncture little micro marks in the top layer of your skin. CRAZY RIGHT!?!?!?! Why would anything want to do that?! I am here to tell you I kiiiiiiinda loved it and absolutely will be adding it to my already too long routine (fortunately this is only a couple times a week)

Why would anyone do this? What are the microneedling benefits?

It can treat all sorts of different skin issues ranging from acne scars to wrinkles and facial rejuvenation.

How does microneedling work?

Simply put, you're creating minor injuries to your skin which stimulates new cell production. In addition to that, the superficial 'wounds' increase the absorption of skincare products making your serums and advanced treatments more effective.

How do I do microneeding?

1. Clean your face well, follow by gently exfoliating. There's no sense in microneedling skin that's already about to be gone. You want to be microneedling on a very clear canvas.

2. Make sure your roller is clean. Use alcohol. You don't need to be pricking holes in your face with and spreading bacteria. This will cause far worse problems that what you're trying to help.

3. Some say to start rolling right after that, others like to apply a serum first. I'm with those that want to apply a serum first. I just think it makes sense for it to glide with something and be working the serum into your skin while doing it. I am linking my favorite serums below. I have used ALL different ones and enjoy these (one is even through Amazon with the other goodies, so super easy). Serums are so so so underrated in our skincare routine.

4. After you've applied your serum here's the technique you want to use: roll vertically, horizontally, and then diagonally in each direction (making an X) in little sections all over your face (avoid eyelids). Only go over each section a time or two in each direction...despite what the Google Image shows, you aren't trying to make your face bleed! Anything more than 1-2 times is excessive.

5. Your skin will definitely feel tender after but it doesn't hurt. Apply more serum. Let absorb. Finish with your moisturizer. Note: I skipped my vitamin C serum because vitamin C can be slightly aggravating to the skin, as well as anything with Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids or Retinol. In fact, I'd skip those the day prior as well. You've just put really superficial holes in your skin...don't use anything that historically made your skin feel sensitive. I avoid the sun on my face like the plague anyway, but don't do this and then go to the beach.

Voilà!! You're microneedling!

Once you've gotten used to microneedling I swear you're going to want something more intense and you'll be booking your first microdermabrasion appointment in no time! Learn all the microdermabrasion benefits here.


Jess, that sounds really intense and I'm not interested in that at all. Give me another option.

Glad you asked! Get a Jade Roller.

They've been around for centuries. Our facial muscles store so much of our tension. The same way a massage feels good on your body (and therefore your mind) is how you will feel after jade rolling your face. I like to keep mine chilled, but by nature the stone remains slightly cool. After I've done my nighttime routine--cleanse, essence, serum, cream, sometimes moisturizing mask, I massage all over my face with gentle pressure for 3-5 minutes (always upward!!! Please, your face is already starting to sag down...don't help the process!!!).

With all honestly, sometimes I'll lay in bed and do this and the rhythm and feeling is super relaxing and meditative. It promotes circulation, which plumps and firms skin as well as detoxing it, and helps your product's absorption. I also use the smaller end in the mornings on my under eyes, especially after a long night!

Immediately after makeup, no photoshop, no judgement!



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