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Shrimp Mango Avocado Ceviche

Mango avocado ceviche

I love ceviche! And this recipe is so delicious and easy, what's not to love? Avocado! Shrimp! Citrus! Spice! Mmmm!! love to cook. I especially love it when seasons change and you get to use new ingredients! Unfortunately, I don't do a lot of it. 1. I go out way too much. 2. I grew up cooking with my mom, who fed a family of 6. I never really learned how to pair it down so I make way too much food and kinda loath leftovers. So whenever I have the opportunity to feed others I get really excited! You know how if you cook there are those dishes you're just famous for? Like during football season everyone asks for my Buffalo Chicken Dip. Well, in the summer everyone asks for my ceviche. The good news is it's super easy to make, and delicious! The bad news, I eyeball measurements don't really exist. That's kinda the fun of this dish though, artistic freedom!

1 Mango

1 Red Pepper 1 Jalapeños

1 Avocado

Limes--the amount varies but needs to be enough that your fish is covered. Probably 4-6

Your choice of seafood. I typically use swordfish, but this time I used shrimp. I never have my heart set on a specific fish prior because I like to go with whatever is most fresh.

Cayenne Pepper


Note: I despise onions. But a lot of people like them and put them in. You do you. Same goes for cilantro. Here's something funny. Many years ago one of my best friends, Laura, used to say she hated cilantro because of its soapy taste. I loved cilantro! She always laughed at me because I would systematically pick out the onions from my guacamole, but leave in the cilantro. She'd be like, 'omg take out the cilantro while you're at it! Gross! Soap!' I didn't taste soap at all. Well, years later and I totally get it. Cilantro is a hard no. Again, do you.

Dice up the mango, red pepper, avocado, and jalapeño and combine in a bowl. You have all the freedom in the world when it comes to these ingredients. Use whatever you like and then squeeze a lime on it, sprinkle a little salt and cayenne pepper and mix it all up. Sorry, I don't measure but I like mine with a good amount of spice. But here's a 'duh' tip from me to you, wear gloves when you cut the jalapeño. About 5 years ago I didn't. I was like, ''s just one!' Yeah, it's just one friggen nightmare. I was headed to a BBQ at the beach where I was bringing the ceviche and the burn set in while I was in the car. I spent the entire ride from Boston to the North Shore with my fingers in a bottle of vinegar because allegedly that helps. Yes, I googled this while we were driving and made us stop at a store. I can't remember if it helped or not. I think I was traumatized and blocked that part out. All I know is it was the worst ever! Wear gloves.

I cooked the shrimp first and then used the juice of two limes to let it marinade.

Let's talk science, but only briefly because it was like my worst subject. Straight lime juice has a pH of about 2-2.5, it's acidic, and this is your cooking agent. End Science Class. Actually no, one more thing. Don't use a metal bowl. It's reactive.

Because I was using shrimp I had already cooked, this next part didn't apply but I'm going to give you this info in case you're using a different kind of fish. Like I said earlier, I really like to use swordfish. I like to cut my pieces of fish into about 1/4 inch thick. Anything thinner cooks too fast and one of the joys of ceviche is the difference in texture. For you meat eaters, think of it like a steak. You want a cooked exterior but plenty of rare or medium-rare meat in the middle. (Or however you like your steak, but most likely not well-done throughout.) The length of time it marinades determines how cooked your fish will be and everyone will tell you a different amount of time to let it cook. Some want an hour, others want overnight. It really depends how raw you like your fish. For me, if I'm using swordfish I let it sit around 20 minutes. No more than 30. I find if it hits anything longer the acid has begun to break down the connective tissue, causing it to fall apart (more science!!).

Mix it all together and serve! I like to eat mine with corn chips! It's so fresh and the perfect dish for summer! I paired this with a sweet tea cocktail (when in Rome) which was delicious! Do you want that recipe too?

xo JB


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