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Where I've Been and Hitting 20k!

Alexander wang dress pga players party Charlotte nc

You guys...I've been so blog MIA. I'm sorry!! I went to Charlotte, NC last weekend to visit an old girlfriend. We went to the PGA Player's Party and just had some good, solid girl time. Back when we both lived in Boston we lived in the same 3-family as well as worked at the same store, so having a couple days together was just what the doctor ordered. BUT...I was nervous as heck to go and here's why.

Last time I visited her in Charlotte was almost 3 years ago and we witnessed the most awful, vile thing. A super disturbed and totally horrible guy was...pleasuring the store we were shopping in. I don't want to go into details but it was extreme. As you can imagine, it was unsettling to say the least. We contacted the police, he was arrested while inhaling some food court grub (worked up an appetite I suppose), and had something like 9 previous, similar chargers. Just awful. Fast forward however long and I was back in Los Angeles and received a subpoena to testify in court against him...his charge, you ask? All I remember is it was only a misdemeanor. I was going to need to take time off work, pay to fly to Charlotte, all for this guy to receive absolutely no punishment? I don't think so. Worse, my charge for not appearing in court would have been just as bad, if not worse, than his! The case ended up getting dropped I think and he's still roaming the streets being a freak...I know because my friend has seen him in her store. That's our legal system, specifically regarding sex crimes. Just scary.

Long story short, I was praying for a trip without incident and yayyy it was! Now that you're all caught up, lots of exciting things are happening around here. I'm still enjoying my summer in the south, which I'm elated about because the eclipse on the 21st is going directly over me! 100% full coverage! Super, super know I'm a total nerd about that kind of stuff. I can't wait to tell you guys all about it. Also, the day before the eclipse is my birthday. This eclipse in Leo is supposed to be very impactful for many. Allegedly I'm going to have a huge transformation, and the idea of that happening the day after my birthday is thrilling to me. I'm so ready!! I have something really exciting coming this week that I can't wait to show y' is going to make for a really fun birthday/eclipse party! Get ready for that!

Last, but so far from least, I hit 20k on Instagram!!!! WHAT?! Thank you, thank you...I just appreciate every single one of you who send me such kind messages. I love this community we've built and get so excited about bringing you new and exciting content.

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